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We went urban exploring and found a whole load of Vauxhalls

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise… Yes, don’t go to the woods, that’s where the fly tippers are, you want to be going to [location removed on the request of the owners]

We recently took a trip to [location removed on the request of the owners] and got incredibly lost on the way. Whilst driving around desperately trying to find the [location removed on the request of the owners], we stumbled upon a mighty haul of classic Vauxhall and Bedford cars.

Barn find click bait eat your heart out, this is the real deal. Chevettes, Vivas, Carltons, Astras, Dormobiles, Cavaliers, Monzas… It’s all there!

Most of it looked in too sorry a state to be saved, but the whole yard looked like an eery tribute to drab motoring of the 1970s….

[edit – the owners would like to make you aware that this yard is not a free for all. all parts are for sale and anyone taking parts without paying for them is stealing, and that’s not cool.]

Feast your eyes on the abandoned Vauxhall and Bedford graveyard [shop front of one of Europe’s premier Vauxhall and Bedford classic car parts providers] photoset:

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