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Active Holiday Choices You’ll Love To Take

Lots of people love lazing on a hot, sunny beach somewhere exotic. But if you find you’re getting up and going for a wander after a few minutes, you might be better suited to an activity fuelled holiday instead! There are plenty of choices around the UK for a weekend, a week, or even longer. With so many choices, you may find you’re looking for excuses to take more leave from work!

Cornwall is probably the best place to surf in the UK. Hardcore surf fans may even say it’s the best place in the world! Cornwall is certainly a beautiful place to spend time. And if the weather’s against you there are plenty of other things you might try while you’re there. Cornwall is full of little villages, and walking from one to the next can be an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. After all, there are usually pretty good pubs in everyone!


If walking is definitely your preferred pace of life, you really can’t go wrong with a holiday in the Lake District. Sure, it rains a lot here. But if you’re not too fashionably conscious to wear a waterproof, then you’ll still love every mile. This is also campsite central. You can literally carry your accommodation with you and walk from one site to the next each day. There’s no shortage of cute family run B&Bs if you prefer a proper mattress and a full English breakfast.


Cycling is not just for the fit and fearless, despite what you hear on the news. There are thousands of miles of cycle routes published for you to try. If you have a good insurance policy, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy cycling to the max. Pick a company with a good cycle claims service that protects you as well as your bike. Some cycling tour companies hire out bikes. This means you can travel light, enjoy some cycling, and get home without worrying about the bike.

Britain is a pretty small island. That means there is plenty of coastline for us all to enjoy. And when you’re on the coast, sailing can be one of the best ways to while away your holiday leave. You can find lots of sailing clubs and sailing schools all over the place. There are plenty of boats for hire too. If you fancy taking a tour along one of the coastal areas of the UK, then why not take some seafaring lessons, hire a boat and have some fun?

Scotland is the place to go if you love climbing. It’s not just the hills that you can traverse either. Some of the mountains are incredibly challenging, so check the local weather report before you head out. It might be best to take a tour or start with some lessons to ensure you’re in peak physical fitness before you head out. And if it is winter, check the snow report, grab your board, and enjoy! Wherever you are in the UK, there’s no need to travel away. Make the most of a homegrown holiday the active way.

Can you fit a surfboard in an MGF?


is the short answer to the question, but there are provisos…

Although surf racks are available for the boot lid, it may not be possible with models such as the Trophy and Freestyle, which have a boot lid spoiler.

You can fit a surfboard in an MGF, but not a longboard

You can fit a surfboard in an MGF, but not a longboard

You can fit a surfboard up to around 6’2 in a small convertible, with the fins and tail as far into the footwell as possible and the nose pointing towards the rear of the car.

With boards over 6’2 you may need to remove the passenger seat headrest. In the MGF this causes zero problems with the roof going up and down, although with boards over 6’2 just be careful not to scrape the rear screen with the nose of the board when you’re putting the roof up or down.

The MGF complete with 6'2 surfboard enjoying the sunshine late in the season at Polzeath beach, UK

The MGF complete with 6’2 surfboard enjoying the sunshine late in the season at Polzeath beach, UK

Pictured is a 6’0 surfboard inside an MGF Freestlye without removing the headrest. There is enough space in the boot for your changing mat, towel and wetsuit, so there you have it, you can own a convertible and still go surfing!

You just won’t be able to take anyone else with you…

The MGF Freestyle on Polzeath Beach, complete with surfboard on the passenger seat

The MGF Freestyle on Polzeath Beach, complete with surfboard on the passenger seat

Print Portfolio: Wavelength Surf Magazine Most Wanted

A selection of items written for the Most Wanted section of Wavelength Surf Magazine, a page used to preview new products and generally showcase the objects of desire that caught our eye:



Mule Transport Systems ‘Long Haul’ is an innovative cycle and surfboard solution for longboards, making it easy to transport boards over 7ft long to the beach in an environmentally friendly – and heathy way.



The Wild Card… Not a product you’ll find in shops, but a fun idea in the wake of the Nike Lowers Pro surfing competition. The idea of having an unseeded, non ranking surfer flailing around in the water whilst over 5 million people watch on a live webcam would be quite a spectacle.



The FliTunes Frisbee added a new dynamic to the Wavelength Surf Magazine head office during summer 2012. As a frisbee and as a miniature amplifier, the Flitunes is a great addition to your summer beach bag.



The Solo Shot takes the ‘selfie’ to a new level, giving the surfer the freedom to surf whilst capturing every move from the beach.


The Cocoon Tree caught our eye as being an incredibly relaxing place to be. Although the Cocoon Tree has been seen at many high-end hotels, it’s available for the general public to purchase… Although the view isn’t!





At Wavelength Surf Magazine, we’d often receive parcels claiming to be ‘the next big thing in surfing’, but the 3D Fins really did impress. The golfball technology works to give the surfboard a fresh feel, and in M3 size made a big difference to our 5’10 surfboard in average sized UK waves.